Momentum’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our safety and environmental record, our community relationships, and the tenure of our employees. Our expertise and dedication to serving our neighbors in the Permian Basin, West Central Texas, the Texas Panhandle, and Southeastern New Mexico mean you can depend on Momentum as a trusted source as you consider a strategic partner to develop, lease, and/or operate your oil and gas property.


Momentum’s home is Albany, Texas, a unique West Texas town with friendly people, historical atmosphere and charming culture.

Momentum Operating Co., Inc., specializes in quality, long-life acquisitions of oil and natural gas leases.  We have existing operations in the Permian Basin, West Central Texas, the Texas Panhandle and Southeastern New Mexico.

Incorporated in 1986, Momentum Operating Co., Inc., is in its third decade of business in acquiring, drilling, and managing oil and gas operations.

Who We Are

Momentum Operating Co., Inc., a leading purchaser of oil and natural gas properties, traces its beginning to 1986 when four Albany natives banded together to form the company. The founders – Mike Parsons, Don Tidwell, Lynn Tidwell Neff and Bob Tidwell – remain principals in Momentum and its affiliated companies today. They are educated in Texas, and their valuable experience in oil and gas production, oil field services, banking and ranching contributes to their success.

Momentum has developed a reputation for its knowledge of the oil and gas industry and its dedication to honesty and integrity in all its operations and relationships with mineral and surface owners, suppliers, and industry partners.

The founders are now in their third decade of service in Momentum’s hometown of Albany, Texas, a cultural gem in West Texas with friendly people, beautifully restored buildings, prestigious arts and an inviting Main Street. Our record of service and years of sound and conservative business practices assure you that Momentum Operating Co., Inc., is the right choice when you elect to divest oil and gas properties or look for a strategic partner.

Environmental Health and Safety

Momentum Operating Co., Inc., produces domestic oil and natural gas resources.  A fundamental commitment at Momentum is the protection of our environment, our employees and contractors, and the nearby communities.  Our operations are guided by a demonstrated conviction for stewardship of the environment and collaboration and cooperation with the applicable regulatory agencies.  Our long-term objectives for each of the properties we operate mandate this diligence to the environment.